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 Epidemic diseases are spreading very quickly nowadays. Some viruses are hazardous, even leads to death. In this modern and well-developed world, still, we have some health problems that could not be treated well. Yes, I’m talking a stanyarhouse.com bout Cance and HIV/AIDS. Many treatments have discovered to cure cancer, but on AIDS treatment, still, researches are still ongoing.

For the treatment of HIV, you should be proper knowledge about the disease. AIDS is an acquired immunodeficiency disease caused by the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

This virus develops via body fluids such as sexual transmission, by us technotoday.org ing an infected needle, through breastfeeding from mother to child, etc. the disappointing thing is that there is no shot treatment of this disorder and millio theamericanbuzz.com ns of people died due to it. Scientists are researching for the cure of this disease, and this year many advancements came.

Today also we’ll tell you one of the newest and possible medical therapies for the cure of AIDS/HIV. Recently, Scientists researched at the University of Pittsburgh 


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