re will be further development to cure for HIV/AIDS


Graduate School and revealed a new concept for the HIV/AIDS treatment and concept called “Kick and Kill.” the purpose of this therapy is to find the infected cells and remove them out of the body.

According to scientists, CMV can recognize the infected cells. HIV goes into a n inactive site and hides in the T helper cells of DNA. Therefore, the recent study aims to find out the infected cells and administer the medication that would kill them.

In this research, we found that 95 % of patients infected due to cytomegalovirus and cause herpes. This virus hides in the body and then spreads by body fluid in all parts.


The detection of HIV cells is quite tricky, so scientists try to find a way of screening in the presence of CMV. After that, these cells kick off from the body. We hope, in coming years there will be further development to cure f or HIV/AIDS


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